Breast Cancer Men

Breast Cancer Men

Breast cancer is a kind of cancer that develops from breast cells in the male. Breast cancer starts in the inner lining of milk duct or the lobules that supply them with milk. A malignant (cancer) tumor can spread to others parts of the body. The vast majority of breast cancer cases occur in female but it may occur in the man. Men at any ages may develop breast cancer, but it is usually detected in between 60 and 70 years of age.

Stages of Men Breast Cancer

If be diagnosed with breast cancer, a physician will work to determine the extent of the cancer. the stages cancer help the physician determine treatment options.

The stages of men breast cancer are:

Stages I :  the tumor is no more than 2 cm in diameter and has not spread  to the lymph nodes.

Stages II: the tumor can be large from stages 1 and may have spread to nearby lymph nodes but the tumor and difficult to identified as a cancer because the cell are not matured.

Stages III: the tumor is may be up to 5 cm in diameter and may involve several nearby lymph nodes. Lymph nodes above the collarbone may also contain cancer cells.

Stages 1V: cancer at these stages has spread beyond the breast to distant area. Such as the bone, brain, liver or lungs.

What the symptoms for Breast Cancer in men?

The most common symptoms of male breast cancer, cancer are painless lump near the nipple. Men have less fat tissue in their breast than women. So lumps maybe more easily detected. However, because men not be aware of other breast cancer symptoms, they mare ignore early warning signs and delay seeking medical attention.

Early detection is key to the successful treatment of breast cancer, so it’s important for men to be breast aware and a physician to provider right away if they notice the following:

    • Nipples changes or discharge from the nipple.
    • Skin changes.
    • Lumps of the skin in the breast area.
    • Redness of the skin or nipple.
    • Dumpling.
    • Swelling or pain in the breast are or under the arm.

Men Breast Cancer factors?

Male in all age can increase the breast cancer. But male breast cancer risk is most commonly  diagnosis in men between ages 60 and 70, with the average are being 67. The factor male breast cancer include.

Family history – if there have a close relatives such as mother or sister with breast cancer, someone have greeters change of also developing the disease.

Obesity – Obesity may be a risk factor for the breast cancer in men because it increases the number of fat cells in the body.

Radiation exposure – if receive radiation treatment before this such as those used to treat cancers in the chest, it more likely to develop cancer in life.

Older age -  breast cancer an most common in ages 60 to 70.

Some basic questions from patients always to ask Chinese master about Breast Cancer – Research by KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture treatment

In appointment with Chinese master, patients always ask more about breast cancer question because they want to know in specific to be simple to manage their life. Appointment also can be brief it’s a good idea to be there in prepared in their future.

The basic question includes:

  1. What type of breast cancer do I have?
  2. Can my cancer can be cured?
  3. Has my cancer spread beyond the breast?
  4. What are my treatment options?
  5. Is there a treatment option you feel is best for me?
  6. How long will cancer treatment last?
  7. Will I need more tests?
  8. What will that cause, and will my insurance cover it?

aacanceremailBREAST CANCER MEN

Breast Cancer treatment at KL Kuala Lumpur herbal and acupuncture by Chinese master

KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture are the famous through the world in cancer treatment. Before this many patients came to KL Kuala Lumpur to meet Chinese master for treatment. They believed Chinese treatment more potential to take more recovery. Chinese master can help to reduce the breast cancer pain and other symptoms. Treatment by Chinese master are using a magical herbal that function to return from abnormal  to be a normal cells and also can increase the body qi (energy) system of patients.

Someone who has breast cancer doesn’t be sad and disappointed because KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncturehave a way to solve about cancer problem. More patients come to see Chinese master in second session at KL Kuala Lumpur together with the others patients because there believed Chinese treatment can solved the cancer same with them before this. Chinese master treatments are no side effect so that’s its very safety for all of age patient’s  actually for children and kids. So it’s very perfect and the best of treatment in the world.

Who have breast cancer symptoms meet Chinese master at KL Kuala Lumpur early because an early treatment can shortened the treatment time period and manage the symptoms to reduce the pain and suffer.

The same techniques that are used to diagnose breast in women are also used in men. Early detection is key to the successful treatment of breast cancer,so it’s important for men and women to be breast aware to provider right away if they notice the cancer to see Chinese master at KL Kuala Lumpur Malaysia herbal and acupuncture treatment that as good and best way through the world to treat the breast cancer and more.


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